In the beginning of 18th century some Bulgarians were accepted as masons. On 10.9.1880 the first Bulgarian lodge “Balkan Star” based in Ruse had initiated Varna branch named “Black Sea Friends”. 14.2.1884 The lodges “Balkan Star”, “Danube Star” and “Black Sea Friends” inaugurated the first Grand Lodge of Bulgaria with the light coming from France. Unfortunately this Grand Lodge lasted only two years due to some economical and social reasons.
Later on 27 Nov 1917 a Grand lodge of Old and Accepted Scottish Rite was inaugurated with first Grand Master general Protogerov. On 26 Jun 1918 the first Grand Assembly elected Br. Petar Midilev as a Grand Master. On 14.11.1920 the lodge “Danube Star” 04 was again installed in Ruse and on 6 Aug 1922 the lodge “BlackSea Friends” 06 was created. On 24 Dec 1940 the “Law for Protection of the State” forced all international and secret societies in Bulgaria to be suspended and closed. It took almost an year to the Lodge to arrange the financial issues and to transfer arhieves and documents abroad. Revival of Freemasonery in Bulgaria begin in 1991 by creating several lodges. Finaly on 20 Sep 1997 the “Grand Lodge of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons” was installed with lodge members “The Light”, “The Dawn”, “Serdika” and “BlackSea Friends. Ivan Stavrev was elected as Grand Master.
A split of the Grand lodge happened in 2000 and since then two Grand Lodges coexist in Bulgaria - “Grand Lodge AFAM” and “United Grand Lodge” Unfortunately after 2009 in the “Grand Lodge AFAM” events took place which led to disunion culminated at Grand Assembly Held on 23 Mar 2013. The Assembly will be remembered with exceptional violations of the constitution. Official Complaints submitted by several lodges to the Great Brother Court had been left without any consideration.
The consequence of the disagreements led to determination of 4 regular lodges (BlackSea Friends, Boyan Abadjiev, Danube Star, and Faithfull Friends to adopt Declaration and to start preparations for installation of a new “Grand Lodge of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite” in Bulgaria. The Grand lodge adhere to the main principles for recognition of a Grand Lodge, accepted on 4.09.1929 by the Grand Lodge of England. The “Grand Lodge of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite” in Bulgaria will work in first 3 symbolic degrees.
On 11.10.2013 the first Great Assembly installed “Grand Lodge of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite” in Bulgaria. The Great assembly endorsed with full majority the organization chart and declaration created by the Grand lodge of Scottish Rite in 1917.
On 12.10.2013 two new lodges “Black Sea Star” and "Hippocrates" were installed.

  • The Supreme Council AASR for Bulgaria


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